Whispers in the Dark

            An artist isn’t simply a master of his or her craft. I feel an artist has to be more than that. Often a great artist is a poet, musician or a master painter. Gregory Crewdson is a conceptual photographer based in Massachusetts who creates these surrealistic images much similar to the realistic paintings of Edward Hopper. In his photographs he poetry speaks of alienation, loneliness and distance from one’s self or society. You can absolutely hear the whistling trains go by as the lonesome teen quietly walking along the railroad tracks in his photographs. His photographs are so detail oriented that it seems as if he sat at a canvas for years placing everything where it should and needed to be.

            Gregory Crewdson has been the biggest inspiration of my photography and body of work. Often feelings of alienation and lonely came over me for quite some time until I stumbled upon his body of work entitled “Twilight”. These photographs not only moved me mentally but gave me a sense of direction and inspiration that I was once searching for. Gregory has mad a huge impact on my life and who I am as a photographer. If it wasn’t for him and his motivating images I wouldn’t be where I am today. He is an American Living treasure in photography and I feel that millions should see his work. 

His work has impacted my life so much i've tried to recreate it for about 2 years now.. Until I realized I needed to tell my own story.. here is my first "story."